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Michelle Andrews

Michelle Andrews, 5 days ago

So proud of these students from Miss Bush’s class. Each shared at tonight’s School Board meeting the porquoi tales they wrote and illustrated as one assessment of learning from the current unit in the new reading curriculum they are just finishing in 3rd grade. see pic

Michelle Andrews

Michelle Andrews, 5 days ago

Young Black Historians from Galesburg #205 inspired grades 3-5 students today dressed as black difference makers in American history. see pic

Julie Vickroy

Julie Vickroy, 10 days ago

Name puzzles in Prek see pic

Dr. Mike Curry - Supt.

Dr. Mike Curry - Supt., 11 days ago

Professional development opportunity today with A-Town, ROWVA, and Knoxville staff today. John Spencer @spencerideas is sharing the power of creativity #atownproud see pic

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